201 Maxi Pole Pruning System WITH 13" saw attachment

SKU: 201T6

Backordered. This "Maxi Pole Pruning System" is made in the USA and enables 4-way tree pruner usage: *Currently Back Ordered* 1 and 2 - Use the short pole with either the Ratchet Pole Pruner Head or the Saw Head as a tree pruner within 3 feet overhead. This will also work as a pruner in dense underbrush. 3 and 4 - Use the long pole with either the Ratchet Pole Pruner Head or the Saw Head as a pruner up to 18-20 feet overhead. With power and ease, this pole pruner makes pruning effortless and controllable. A conventional pole pruner requires a lot of strength to cut in one stroke, even for branches smaller than 1". Utilizing our patented Ratchet-Cut mechanism, our Maxi Pole Pruner System cuts up to a full 2" in diameter with amazing ease. Weighing only 7 lbs. this pole pruner can extend up to 14 feet beyond your reach. Without a ladder, the average person can now prune a limb 18-20 feet high. Here's how this pole pruning system works! Start the cut with a down pull on the rope handle, continue the cut by raising the rope handle only enough to engage next tooth. Repeat action until cut is complete.


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