Florian 601 PURPLE Ratchet Pruner without Holster

SKU: RP-601P

The RP-601P ratchet cut pruner is the same as the RP-701 pruner with one minor difference - the color. That's it! The RP-601P uses the same blade, springs, ratchet mechanism, down to its tough fiberglass body as the RP-701. It does everything the RP-701 does! "The Purple Hand Pruner makes it easier to attend to all your pruning chores. Our Hand Pruner often imitated but never duplicated!! Counterfeit hand pruners do not have the quality nor the guarantee of our patented original pruner. A lightweight yet durable hand pruner easily prunes branches up to 3/4"" in diameter. This hand pruner is ideal for the precision pruning of flowers including roses. All gardeners, from novice to professional, benefit greatly with this powerful hand pruner. Features of this unique hand pruner include a high carbon spring steel pruning blade. The pruning blade on this hand pruner is coated with PTFE Non Stick Coating to resist pruning residue buildup. The handles of this hand pruner are fiberglass-reinforced nylon. Our patented Ratchet-Cut mechanism works like the jack on your car. This mechanism multiplies your strength up to 700% when pruning with this hand pruner. This hand pruner will allow people with arthritis, carpal tunnel or diminished hand strength to once again enjoy the pleasures of gardening.


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