Home Solar Kit with 800watt Inverter

SKU: HS800

The KISAE Home Solar 800 provides up to 800 watts of power from AC outlets for mobile or emergency power, providing a rechargeable source of power for your home, work, or camping needs. Safe for indoor use, with silent operation and no fuel requirements or fumes. Designed to easily recharge from a solar panel or built in AC charge. FEATURES + BENEFITS • Provides peace of mind during power outages • Quick-connect port to attach 140W (or smaller) solar panel • 800 Watt power inverter • USB output • 40Ah battery • All-weather capability - usable year round • Does not require electrical company installation WHAT'S INCLUDED • (1) Power Inverter • (1) 40Ah Battery • (1) 5V, 750mA USB Port • (1) 2 Amp AC Charger • (1) Built-in Automatic Transfer Switch


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