Mini Lopper

SKU: RL101

The Florian Ratchet-Cut Mini Lopper pruning tool is made in the USA and is so light that you can cut easily with your arms fully extended. It will prune branches up to 1 3/8" diameter. The steel handles on our Mini Lopper are virtually unbreakable, and the hooknose feature prevents branches from slipping out. The blade is high carbon steel coated with PTFE Non Stick Coating which can be hand sharpened extending the life and maintaining the efficiency. The Mini Lopper is 19" long and tucks easily into a backpack for hikers, campers, hunters, and trailblazers. The patented Ratchet Cut mechanism works like the jack on your car multiplying your strength up to 700%. People with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or diminished arm strength can once again enjoy the pleasure of gardening.


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