Ratchet-Cut Mini Pole Pruner System 13" saw w/maxi pole Back Ordered

SKU: 101T612A

Back Ordered....This Mini Pole Pruner System is made in the USA and enables 4-way usage as a pruner. 1 & 2 - As a pruner, use the short mini pole with either the Ratchet Pole Pruner Head or the Saw Head within 3 feet overhead. The short pole is ideal as a pruning tool in dense underbrush. 3 & 4 - As a pruning tool up to 18-20 feet overhead, use the long pole with either the Ratchet Pole Pruner Head or the Saw Head. With power and ease, this pole pruner makes pruning effortless and controllable. Our Florian Mini Pole Pruner cuts branches up to 1 1/4 inch in diameter. It is the perfect pole pruner for annual fruit tree pruning. Our Ratchet-Cut design combined with the light weight of this pole pruner enables even a petite person to accomplish the most difficult pruning tasks. Weighing only 4-1/2 lbs., this lightweight pole pruner can extend up to 13 1/2 feet. Without a ladder, the average person can use this pole pruner 18-20 ft high. Here's how this pole pruner works: Start the cut with a down pull on the rope handle, continuing the cut by raising the rope handle only enough to engage the next tooth. Repeat action until cut is complete. This versatile pole pruner system will make pruning an easier chore!


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